//Caroline Palla// Outdoor Majlis

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Photo by Al Riwaq Team

Caroline Palla has found a beautiful little Majlis in Block 338. Situated right behind Camelot and Cafe Italia, the building holds some beautifully simple, boxy, Bahraini architecture. Palla was most intrigued with the way the upper windows of the building were smaller but the space indented into the wall was equal to the size of the windows below it. She will recreate the space that’s indented into the wall into a bench… wait and see. Using similar elements from the building itself, Palla will add beautiful Bahraini corals, offered generously by the Ministry of Culture, into the bench. The corals will be on the outline of the bench.

Here are some photos of Palla working on the model. We’ll Keep you posted on the progress!

model palla

Little rough draft models of the Benches by Caroline Palla (Photo by Al Riwaq Team)