Monthly Archive: February, 2014

// Ganzeer // Interview // Talk & Workshop

Who are you and what do you do? I’m a dude, I make art stuff, mostly visual art. It tends to vary from installations, still art, comic books, design, and typography. Depending on the… Continue reading

// Nile Sunset Annex // Interview // Talk & Workshop

    Who are you and what do you do? Nile Sunset Annex, an evolving production and dispersion outfit run by artists Taha Belal, Jenifer Evans, and Hady Aboukamar. It is an experimental… Continue reading

//Ganzeer// Production of The Park Mural Pt.2

Ganzeer hasn’t been down from his scissor lift yet and getting an interview done will be difficult from down hear. Stay tuned, an interview and promotion of talk and work shop will be… Continue reading

//Caroline Palla// Outdoor Majlis

Caroline Palla has found a beautiful little Majlis in Block 338. Situated right behind Camelot and Cafe Italia, the building holds some beautifully simple, boxy, Bahraini architecture. Palla was most intrigued with the… Continue reading

//Ganzeer// Production of The Park Mural

Ganzeer, Mohamed Ali, or Mofa grew to be an iconic artist during the Egyptian Revolution for his thought provoking graffiti work. Ganzeer’s artwork focuses on the themes of civic responsibility and social justice, lucky us,… Continue reading

//Day Trip// The Scrap Yards and Tree of Life

Here are some photos from a day trip to the scrap yards and Tree of Life, in the Southern Municipality of Bahrain near Askar on Monday the 10th of February. The artists on the… Continue reading

//Chris Lawrence’s Flag

Chris Lawrence, our resident artist from Philadelphia, U.S.A. has chosen an interesting contrast of flags, as he has seen them all over Bahrain, and symbology, using the sky as a supporting element. First… Continue reading

//Eva Frapiccini //Interview //Artist Talk //Workshop

        all images in this post ©Eva Frapiccini //Interview Who are you and what do you do? I am a nomadic artist. I like to move around a lot but… Continue reading

Experimental Drawing Workshop with Daniel Rode

Daniel Rode’s workshop started yesterday, Sunday February 16, with local artists presenting their own works from sketch books to digital images. Some artists brought in their own work to be critiqued at the… Continue reading

Interview with Daniel Rode

Die Maria und der Hans 2012 by Daniel RodeText (half Greek, half German): Maria loves Hans and Karin loves Jorgos… …I guess According to different sources, Hans and Karin were among the most… Continue reading