//Interview with Chris Lawrence

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Chris Lawrence. I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia in the US. Currently I am a resident at Al Riwaq Art… Continue reading

//Interview with Caroline Palla

Who are you and what do you do? I’m a Swiss artist visiting the gulf region for the very first time. The work I did for Alwan338 took the form of an on-site… Continue reading

//Shakshooka Market from Kuwait

  We’re very excited to be hosting Shakshooka Market from Kuwait on Saturday, March 29th from 12pm on wards at Park338, Adliya, Bahrain. Having tried some of Eat & Glow’s health bars, we’re really looking forward to what… Continue reading

//Eva Frapiccini Features in The Daily Tribune

We’re excited one of our resident artists, Eva Frapiccini, featured in the Daily Tribune! The Dreams’ Time Capsule project records and archives dreams from many different parts of the world, to interpret and… Continue reading

//Be Part of The Dreams’ Time Capsule Project

Come by the Alwan338//Foundations Arts Festival and record your dream in the Dreams’ Time Capsule by Eva Frapiccini! You’ll get to sit in an incredible white “bubble” that is made to resemble an… Continue reading

//When It All Came Together//Alwan338//Foundations

It all came together last night at 6:59 pm. All the work the artists put together was finally done! For the opening, DJ Kiwi played some awesome music at Park338 in Adliya, Bahrain.… Continue reading

Ghosts of iPhones Past

This post forms part Ryan Andrews’s work for Alwan388. The work is also present in form of large letters spelling ‘people’ located in Block388 area.  It’s truism to say that people are obsessed with… Continue reading

//Opening Day!

It’s finally Alwan338’s opening day! At 7 pm tonight, we’ll be welcoming the public to Alwan338//Foundations Arts Festival at Al Riwaq Art Space in Adliya, Bahrain. We’re still putting up some installations and… Continue reading

// Ganzeer // Interview // Talk & Workshop

Who are you and what do you do? I’m a dude, I make art stuff, mostly visual art. It tends to vary from installations, still art, comic books, design, and typography. Depending on the… Continue reading

// Nile Sunset Annex // Interview // Talk & Workshop

    Who are you and what do you do? Nile Sunset Annex, an evolving production and dispersion outfit run by artists Taha Belal, Jenifer Evans, and Hady Aboukamar. It is an experimental… Continue reading