Ghosts of iPhones Past


This post forms part Ryan Andrews’s work for Alwan388. The work is also present in form of large letters spelling ‘people’ located in Block388 area. 

It’s truism to say that people are obsessed with their phones and I’ve heard countless stories of outrageous selfie practices and relentless foodstagramming. It’s easy to dismiss such phenomena as evidence of an increasingly self-obsessed culture but these questionable instances of social media only mask a much deeper and complicated reality of the transformative effect technology has had on everyday life – particularly on our memory. This reality should be embraced and understood, rather than maligned. We assume that the outsourcing of memory on Facebook is a bad thing but at the same time the vast amount of sharing now taking place has ushered in a world of seemingly infinite creativity – if you’re willing to find it.

We rarely stop to pause and think about how we got to this technological present. Indeed technology often seems to have forgetting hard-wired into its circuit boards. Who can remember what it was like before smartphones or Instagram, before email?

Ghosts of iPhones Past seeks to reclaim these digital memories and to explore the way incremental changes in technology have effected how we relate to each passing day.

Ghosts of iPhones Past is interactive and collaborative existing as both materially as a sculpture and intangibly as a website. Initially the project aims to collect memories though an online survey. Accessible either though social media or though a QR code on large Arabic letters located at the Alwan338 outdoor exhibition. As the project develops memories will be aggregated to form an original artwork website also accessible though a QR code.

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 The artist would like to thank Design Creative for assistance with the creation of this work