//Chris Lawrence’s Flag

Chris Lawrence, our resident artist from Philadelphia, U.S.A. has chosen an interesting contrast of flags, as he has seen them all over Bahrain, and symbology, using the sky as a supporting element.

First we went around Manama Souq looking for the right person to do the job.

Chris' flag

Photo by Chris Lawrence

After being rejected a few times by the absurdity of cutting circular holes in the middle of the flag, we found Mohammed Miraj (on the right), the boss, it seemed, of embroidering in the souq, who gladly took the job and gave us a sample within a day’s time. We were happy with, and have gave him the go to make the rest.

Darizi Workshop

Photo by Chris Lawrence

Secondly, Luay (one of our wonderful staff) took Chris to his father’s wood workshop, AlDirazi Workshop, to create a few poles for some of the flags to stand tall in Adliya’s public spaces. After a few discussions and suggestions, we ended up with a great design!

image (1)

Photo by Luay Al Derazi